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        Tel: +86-573-82813639,83621335
        Fax: +86-573-82813637
        Contact: Mr. Wei +86-13605839392;
                        Mr. Wang +86-15857374971;
                        Mr. Ye +86-15157377625
        E-mail: sales@jlightchem.com
        URL: http://www.hickoryridgehighschool.com

        About us

        Jlight Chemicals Company locates in YaTai Science - Technology Industrial Park of JiaXing City, ZheJiang Province which is west to ShangHai, east to HangZhou, south to SuZhou and north to HangZhou Bay across which there is a bridge connecting with NingBo. This area is the very centre of national strategic economy circle of downriver Yangtze.


        Jlight Chemicals are high-tech. based cooperation with great strength, expertised in research, development and industrialization on organic synthesis, customized synthesis, biological degradative materials. Jlight Chemicals persist in independent exploration and have wide cooperation relationship with research institutions and universities domestic and overseas in the mean time. With powerful capabilities on research and development, Jlight Chemicals closely follow rapid development of world's chemical, medical and pharmaceutical, biological industry area, provide high quality products and integrated technical service to customers. Jlight Chemicals cherish all business opportunities and are ready to create bright future together with customers!

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